WOWOWO presents new collection “Elements”

The collection consists of ties, bow-ties and pocket squares. The visual inspiration of the collection came from the diverse and magnificent Latvian nature. WOWOWO team traveled around Latvia to find strength and confidence in four elements of nature – delicate water, strong earth, crisp air and mighty fire.

WOWOWO founder Julija Volkinsteine reveals: “In this collection we wanted to get to know our cultural heritage from different angle, exploring each element closer, so that we could transmit these emotions into accessories, thus making them more inspirational charms for their owners.


Speaking about inspiration for Latvian nature pictures, the founder says: ” I watch the horizon and the wind is messing with my hair. The grass also bows to the gentle breeze.

Whenever I am at the seaside I must feel the water, I gather my courage and step into the water. Hundreds of pebbles like little pearls snuggle to my bare feet.

The Coal is a child to the Midsummer Eve. It still keeps fire in it’s heart from the last night’s magical fire. Nothing is over yet, it is a new beginning.

The Stone symbolises our strong heart and strength. The Stone has protective abilities. It is invincible, time bows in front of the stone.

The four elements of the collection are – Wind; Sea; Coal; Stone.

Currently, the collection is available at and in stores “Paviljons”, “Taste Latvia” and “M50”.


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