Why Sarmite Ostanevica is The Next Designer to follow?

[highlighted_text color=blue]Baltic state designers are conquering the world and that’s no secret. Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian artists are hot topic these days, best fashion events do not manage without them participating. We’ve prepared an interview with designer Sarmite Ostanevica from Latvia, telling us about her first steps, inspiration sources and achievements.[/highlighted_text]

[highlighted_text color=night]She debuted in Riga,Latvia in November 2010 with her first fashion show, Spring/Summer 2011 collection “Feminine army”, she was nominated for a Latvian fashion award 2010 and also nominated for an AOC (association of colleges) award in 2012 by Kensington and Chelsea College.[/highlighted_text]


[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] First of all, tell us something about yourself. [/notification] [/div]


[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] I’m a fashion designer from Riga, Latvia and for the last 9 years I live in London. I have started my fashion brand Sarmite Ostanevica 3 years ago. [/notification] [/div]


[div type=”one-third”] [notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] How and when you understood that you want to be a designer? [/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] Already from young age I was very interested in clothes making. It all started when my grandmother was teaching me to sew at age of 6. Later on, when I got 18 I arrived to London; I understood that clothes design is the only thing I would like to do. It took some time to achieve it with lot of trainings, internships and fashion jobs, which made my dream come true. [/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] How does you life in London look like? [/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] I love my life in London. I work every day in my large studio in North West London. I work with a lot of creative people day to day and its always exciting.[/notification][/div]



[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] Where do you seek your inspiration? [/notification][/div]



[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] In various things, but mostly art forms and movements inspire me; I like to mix them up with contemporary fashion.[/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] How do you feel before the show? [/notification][/div]


[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] It’s an exciting feeling. It takes few months to create a collection and organize a show later on to see these ideas come to life. It’s truly amazing! [/notification][/div]



[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] How long does it take to make a collection? [/notification][/div]



[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] I always need few months to decide the direction I am going for. It’s very important to feel the theme, as it will shape the silhouettes, shapes, lengths and colors. To sketch, cut patterns and stitch the whole garments together it takes approximately 3 month. [/notification][/div]



[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] What, in your opinion, is your biggest achievement? [/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] My presentation at Selfridges – famous London department store, during London Fashion week. It was an amazing moment as the presentation itself was planned for 2 month. I believe this was my biggest presentation so far and truly demonstrated my contemporary approach to fashion today. [/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-third”][notification title=”Frontrow” type=”info”] And the final question, what a modern girl should be like? [/notification][/div]




[div type=”one-half”][notification title=”Sarmite” type=”chat”] Free in spirit, elegant and original! [/notification][/div]


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