We’re so proud of amount of talent in Latvia. Designer duo Tomas Berzins (Latvia) & Victoria Feldman (Russia) made their way to finals of annual fashion photography Hyéres festival. Tomas and Victoria paired in to designer duo while studying at ESMOD, which is the first fashion school established in France; founded in 1841. Similarity of views, taste and style quickly determined their work direction. They already made couple great collections, which were showed in Paris. This year they’ve entered Hyéres festival 2013 and are the finalists. Out of 355 applications, 53 candidates were invited to present their designs of which only ten have now been invited back to present at the Villa for the final competition in April. So it’s a truly great start!

In 2009 Latvian designer duo Mareunrol’s have won the Hyéres festival, which helped them becoming more knowable to public.  After winning two main awards – the Grand Prix L’Oreal Professionnel and the 1.2.3 prize at the 2009 Hyères festival – Mareunrol’s returned to the villa Noailles in Spring 2011 with new project. It was featured in various fashion and design magazines and got best reviews possible.

This festival was among the first to recognize the talents of Viktor & Rolf, so for now – we wish luck to Tomas and Victoria! Show what you got and how talented Latvia is!


Here’s a Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook and previos colletions looks as also pics which made their way to the festival.


Les 10 candidats finalistes du Festival d… by VOGUEPARIS

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