How often do you see the backstage life of the show? Rarely, occasionally  yes! Some beauty shots, model Instagram or Twitter posts, yet what if you had a truly grungy view on what’s really happening backstage… we believe you’ll be very surprised. Beneath the glorious beauty and fun lies the long hour waiting, preparing and sometimes boringness.  While some girls are chatting, others go threw last fittings and make up, some of them are so exhausted they lay down in cozy corner to get some relaxation, for a while at least. Fifty models, hundreds of hairdressers and make up artists, seamstresses and other personal… oh yes, the press of course,  everyone gets backstage to prepare for 10 minutes of fun all world is waiting for. So what do models look like backstage you ask… here’s a great backstage photo compilation of recent Louis Vuitton show in Paris shot by Aitken Jolly for LOVE Magazine.

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