Ever wondered, what to do this Summer? If you’re into music, socialising with people and having a getaway of a lifetime is not a problem for you, then music festivals are best choice for some quality time out of the city. We’ve rounded up best music festival from all over the Baltic states worth visiting this summer. You pick which one you’re going to! [su_heading size=”15″ margin=”40″]LITHUANIA – TUNDRA ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL [/su_heading] [su_table]

After the 10th anniversary last year, the festival of alternative electronic music is coming back to the scene of summer open-airs with fresh blood, maturity and… a shroud of mystery.The fans of techno, broken beats, psychedelic trance, and chill-out are welcome to come to the camp in the sanctuary of nature in Zarasai District on July 10 – 13. There we will all attempt to reinvent ourselves and to come to terms with the inner Tundra that each of us carry deep inside. tundra
tundra2 Bands and artists: X-ray, Moon Disco, Cassegran, Dainmon, Techstylism, Dark Hour, Redcatz, Clearlight, Paulie Walnuts, Slovar, Doctan Jahugle, Gotalien, Strix Aluco, Kalumet, Nocti Luca, Styx, Kukan Dub Lagan, Sorian, Djane Jahstine, Artist B2B Vizionieriai, Mr. Proper, Squadex, Suldubuldu, Mark Anthon, Teleport, Spectral Cosmos, Sunflower.
[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”40″]ESTONIA – AUGUSTIBLUUS[/su_heading] [su_table]
This summer the Augustibluus Festival will take place for the 21st time. Augustibluus, catering also for a more sophisticated musical palate, has gained remarkable public interest over the years and received positive criticism in several music publications. It sure has established its status among renowned blues festivals in Europe. Augustibluus continues to attract with its absolutely positive atmosphere turning the small town of Haapsalu into a musical paradise. It is a must for everyone who loves good music. Bands and artists: Keksi, The Blues Jukebox, Coco Montoya, Artur Menezes, Awek, Alabama Lovesnakes, Ina Forsman and Helge Tallqvist Band. [/su_table]

augu [su_heading size=”17″ margin=”40″]LATVIA – POSITIVUS FESTIVAL 2014[/su_heading] [su_table]

Positivus festival is the biggest and most significant music festival in the Baltic States, taking place in Salacgrīva, Latvia, for the seventh time in 2013. Each year, the festival offers its visitors not only a variety of amazing performers, but also plentiful entertainment options and a lively atmosphere, which together create an unforgettable experience.The excellent location of the festival grounds is also one of the festival‘s many advantages. Positivus festival takes place at the beautiful coastal region of the northern town of Salacgriva in Latvia. The idyllic location is praised both by the festival visitors as well as the performing artists. Krafwerk_Positivus
POS Band and artists: Cherub, The Citizens, FM Belfast, The Horrors, Audience Killers,Just Blaze, Tricky, Justina Lee Brown and Latvian BluesBand, Future Islands, The Sound Poets, Ellie Goulding,Napo, King Charles, Rebeka
[/su_table] [su_heading size=”15″ margin=”40″]LATVIA – SUMMER SOUND 2014[/su_heading] [su_table]
Its all began in year 2010 when group of music enthusiasts gathered together and decided to make a festival of their dreams – festival where each one of them wanted to be.The idea was to create something more than event with different bands playing on some stages. We wanted to create unrealistic world of colours, lights, sounds, joy and celebration. Our aim was to create place where everyday life stops, once you get on the other side of the fence. Place where one can forget about who he or she is – lawyer, businessman, bank worker, artist or student. Place where one can put on a fancy dress or funny shorts and celebrate the life, youth, freedom and happiness together with thousands of like-minded people. Band and artists: Pet Shop Boys, Gacho, Mykki Blanco, Otra Puse, Pyro Trees, Pikaso, Neon Saturdays, The Velvet Supernova, Ksenia Kamikaza, DJ Joss, DJ Get Dizzy
[/su_table] ssss [su_table] [su_heading size=”15″ margin=”40″]LATVIA – SATTA 2014 [/su_heading]

Satta, the infamous annual beach festival of alternative music and arts, is back. Well, it is actually moving from its homeland Lithuania into Latvia. Festival will take place on August 14 – 17th in Pape, a Baltic seaside resort located 20 km from the Lithuanian border and the previous festival site.

Bands and artists: Forest Swords, Dirty Beaches, Kode9, King Midas Sound, Submition Orchestra, Clap! Clap!, Red Axes, Sekuoia, Sei A, Oneman, Man of Booom, Ansis x Oriole[/su_table]


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