Age: 23 years old
Birthplace: Kaunas , Lithuania
What’s your best feature: my beauty marks (moles)
Your favorite fragrance: Lancôme La vie est belle
Hobbies: too many.. Painting, cooking, photography those are just few of my favorites
What was the last movie you watched: The Ring 2 (I’m not a big fan of scary movies but this one, I watch it once in a while)
What was the last track you listened to on your iPod?: Million Dollar by Rich Gang(feat. Detail&Future)
Do you have any Guilty Pleasures: Sweet potato fries(the best!)
What is your biggest fear: To get sick and have surgery(dont know how people do it. It always sounds crazy and scary thing to me)
What has been your favourite country to visit?: Costa Rica
If you were not modeling, what would you be doing?: I believe I would be working at art gallery, magazine or as interior designer
If you could be on the cover of any magazine, it would be: LOVE magazine
What’s your favorite fashion city and why?: Paris – amazing architecture, culture and deep fashion traditions. Creative people.
One word to describe yourself: energetic
Instagram name: @rasazuk

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