Roskilde Festival 2016 | Denmark

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This summer two spies from where set free at this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark and captured not only the unique atmosphere blooming and blooming through the 8 days the festival lasted but also some classy/trashy crazy outfits at one of the biggest festivals in Northern Europe.

130.000 festivalgoers passed in and out which made Roskilde Festival, Denmark’s fourth biggest city measured in population figures. 183 artists from more than 30 countries played and entertained on Roskilde Festivals 9 stages. The festival area stretches over about 2.500.000 m², 50.000 tents, about 200,000 trash cans are used for waste handling and about 4.500 km of toilet paper is used.

Roskilde Festival believes that music and art can change the world. That it can activate and enhance a movement of young people who want something else and more than themselves and their loved ones. That change for the community happens when people come together and the ambition is to be part of creating that change. All profits from Roskilde Festival are donated to charity and humanitarian purposes, and the festival actively supports the festivalgoers’ opportunity to change their surrounding world.

Is art a catalyst for the collective, cultural experience? At Roskilde festival they believe so and art has been a part of the festival’s program since its beginning. Through the years it has acted as a surprising, intervening, entertaining and critical supplement to the music program.

Why? Because art and culture play important roles of knowledge in society: They challenge, ask questions and create experiences.

Moreover, Roskilde Festival has this year launched a three-year Standpoint effort, which puts focus on the understanding of equality in the world. The headline is Stand Up for Your Rights and that is why the American whistleblower Edward Snowden was among the speakers. The festivalgoers could also take the temperature on the concept of equality with activities such as a flirtation course, refugee political fashion show or the creation of Denmark’s longest youth poem.

How to enjoy, survive and look stylish during the festival? Check out how Danes do that, get inspired and ready for Positivus edition N10, already next week! Prieka!

Photography: Nst Gogoleva
Text: Lulu Shumar

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