Comfortably situated between the sandy dunes and swaying pine trees, Positivus Festival’s annual Adazu Cipsi cinema has long become an integral part of the festival. Created in partnership with Adazu Cipsi, the cinema will offer visitors a carefully selected film programme, thematic discussions as well as various exciting cinematic experiments. This year’s Adazu Cipsi cinema programme will include special Latvian cinematic masterpieces.


This year, Positivus Festival’s Ādažu Čipši cinema will showcase some of the most internationally acclaimed Latvian films of recent years, including the highly controversial fiction feature debut of Andris Gauja – The Lesson (2014), which will be attended by some of the film’s leading production team members and actors. Visitors will also have a chance to watch the critically acclaimed animated feature film of Signe Baumane – Rocks in my Pockets (2014), which has earned the self proclaimed indie animator various international and Latvian awards, including two Karlovi Vari film festival awards. The programme will also include last year’s best Latvian debut fiction-feature winner of director Juris Kursietis – Modris (2014). 

The documentary film shortlist includes the extreme sports adventure documentary Lost in Latgale (2014) as well as last year’s full length documentary of Pēteris Krilovs, winner of the Latvian National Film Festival The Great Christopher – Obliging collaborators (2014). Children especially will appreciate the centennial anniversary programme dedicated to the founder of Latvian puppet animation, director and writer Arnolds Burovs, titled “Burovam – 100”.


Riga Film Museum will invite viewers to experience some of the first films ever made in Riga, one of the first full length sound motion pictures, as well as restored Latvian first-year directorial graduation projects, thus showcasing some of the lesser known works in Latvian cinematic history. As a special discovery, the programme will feature the oldest available sound-enabled motion picture in Latvian film history – a story of director Kristaps Linde about pre-war Latvia – Gauja (1934).


The film programme will be updated and specified later on, but the approximate schedule has already been drafted – during the mornings Ādažu Čipši cinema will show acclaimed Latvian children’s films, whilst during the day, festival visitors will have a chance to view the productions of young and talented students, as well as join various thematic discussions. The evening programme will feature US cult classics, while the nighttime selection will offer viewers directorial works of the psychedelic genre. One festival evening, the programme will present an Oscar-nominated documentary about the Virunga national park in Congo – Virunga (2014).


Positivus Festival’s Ādažu Čipši cinema programme has received creative input from various partners – Riga IFF, Short Riga, Latvian National Film Festival The Great Christopher, 2ANNAS, Kino Bize, Riga Film Museum, Spektrs, Latvian Academy of Culture, as well as others, who will be named once the full cinema programme is revealed.

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