From the official Positivus Festival T-shirts are on sale. To find the best designs, a competition was organised in cooperation with the fashion brand H&M, and more than 200 designs were received. After the evaluation by a special jury and the voting of the Festival’s visitors, three T-shirt designs were selected as the most compliant with the spirit of Positivus.The patrons of the T-shirts are artists who will participate in the Festival: – Jānis Aišpurs (The Sound Poets), Ervīns Ramiņš (Laime Pilnīga) and singer MNTHA. Original, joyful and positive, with the spirit of Positivus, these T-shirts can be ordered starting from today on, and the first to order will receive them already on 10 June.


As the best and the most suited for the Festival’s spirit designs selected were the drawings created by Aleksandra Prohorenkova (LV), the creative association Riga Snap (LV) and Marju Püümets (EE); in cooperation with the fashion design H&M they were screen-printed on white and black T-shirts.
Each T-shirt design has a special story behind them. Aleksandra Prohorenkova revealed that she had been inspired by the special atmosphere of the Positivus Festival. “Sun, sea, music and dancing till the morning. Night sleep in an uncomfortable tent, and searching for a shower. Adventures and experiences. Emotions and memories. The entire Festival on one T-shirt,” Aleksandra Prohorenkova described her idea.

The design offered by Riga Snap was made using photos taken at the Festival. The designers explained: “The symbiosis of the Festival’s identity forms and contextual photos in a still frame perpetuates the emotions of the visitors of Positivus on the T-shirts”. But Marju Püümets wanted to highlight the Festival as a place where to meet other people of one’s kind. “The Festival is also holidays, carelessly spent time, music you love, friends, new acquaintances, inspiration and fresh air – a weekend for happiness,” thus the designer from Estonia described her joyful T-shirt design with prints of animals.

The patrons of the Positivus’15 T-shirts are three artists who will participate in the Festival: Jānis Aišpurs, singer from The Sound Poets, Ervīns Ramiņš, singer from Laime Pilnīga, and singer MNTHA. Both Jānis Aišpurs and Ervīns Ramiņš have performed at Positivus in previous years, but for MNTHA it will be the first time on a stage at Positivus.

During the presentation of the official Positivus T-shirts at the fashion brand H&M showroom, the musicians revealed that they have decided to give their T-shirt to a special person together with an invitation to the Festival.

Jānis Aišpurs will give the official Positivus’15 T-shirt together with an invitation to the Festival and a possibility to visit the backstage to the young singer Taronuhi Khachyan, whose stage name is PYØR. “I know from my experience – when you start the career of a singer, it is important to see the music industry behind the scenes, and the possibility to visit the backstage of Positivus can give a special feel and an emotional drive to work and advance.”

Ervīns Ramiņš will give the official Positivus’15 T-shirt together with the invitation to the Festival to his friend Pauls Jaks, who is also connected with music, but for various reasons has not visited any of the major festivals. “I am sure it will be a real adventure for Pauls,” said Ervīns Ramiņš.

MNTHA will give the T-shirt together with the invitation to the Festival to her friend, who has been living just a few years in Latvia. “For me, it will be the first performance at Positivus, and moral and mental support from him will be important,” reckoned the young singer.

The T-shirts can be bought from, where it is possible to select the design you like, the model and the size of the T-shirt. Various sizes and models for men and women are available. The T-shirts cost EUR 15; when you have ordered them on, you can choose the way of receiving: by post, at the Positivus office at the address Ūdens iela 12, Rīga, or at H&M shops in Galerija Centrs, Mall Alfa or Mall Spice.

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