VILNIUS FASHION WEEK FALL/WINTER 2013/2014 1st impression

Mados infekcija – the biggest fashion event in Lithuania is a breathtaking experience. Held at contemporary art center in Vilnius it brings a lot of attention not only to Lithuanian citizens, but also to neighbor country and over the sea guests. General public had a chance to attend the shows by purchasing tickets, days before they got sold out, and that’s the reason of great amount of teenagers who visited the venue for fun and inspiration I guess. Audience rotation took place depending on the show they’re going to see, yet I can’t say that public was dressed super chic; casual style, streetwear which is forbidden to fashion events, although locals ignore that which is a pity. I believe showing off is not the quality of Mados Infekcija guests.

I was literary blown away by organisation; numerous staff are really working their asses off just to insure everything goes smooth and as planed. The whole show day is divided in three parts with intermissions.

One thing what bothered me during each show were the models. I’ve seen thousands of runway videos, more than a hundred shows live, I’ve took a part as a model in several of them so I know what’s a proper walk. Those ladies are beautiful, no doubt, yet a model should have a personality, an ability to present the garments to public. She has to move, to bring on the power within to wow the audience. It hurts to say, but very few girls have what it takes and others are just making great designer collections dull, but see for yourself.

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