Day before the long awaited, summer season ending, LOFTAS festival we’re giving you tips on what to pack and what to wear to get the most of the urban festival with style. Here are the basics of what to mix and mach for an awesome look streetstyle photographers will hunt.
“Knit one purl two”
Knitwear like caftans, jumper style oversized dresses or huge scarves will keep you warm during the evening breezes, mixed with old, bruised and worn-out effect leather elements and accessories will get the blood flowing for raw and savage look.
IMG_0812 copy
IMG_2001 copy
“The new punk”
Schoolgirl on acid…wait. The look is somewhat that romantic girl (don’t go school dance gala) whose got this taste for breaking the rules, so she wears a biker jacket over her gown, goes deeper with dark eye makeup and a rebellious spirit throughout the night. Don’t forget the red lip, huh.
IMG_0799 copy 2
IMG_8984 copy
IMG_0578 copy
IMG_0777 copy
“The Bedford Avenue Granny”
Old maxims about clashing colors and prints, be damned! Right amount of vintage never hurt nobody. Levi’s 501 blue jeans mixed with KISS t-shirt is way okay! Go further by wearing a pleated skirt with ya’old got-for-christmas jumper. Add stockings to sandals, heavy-framed glasses and you’re ready to go!
IMG_2170 copy
IMG_1674 copy
“Back from the funeral”
All black and theF with that is a right passage to take if you’re thinking of blending into the night without notice. Layers of different textures and levels of transparency will certainly make people jealous. High-heel boot paired with leather shorts and lace crop-top tucked in a rubber-coated jacket verses black sneakers with ripped denim-jean and oversized bomber-jacket. Two different both strong statements ready for appreciation.
IMG_0015 copy
IMG_2570 copy
IMG_5857 copy
Don’t forget to accessorize to the max and hey, it’s all about having fun! So go nuts! See you!
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