LOFTAS: All summer Vilnius will be buzzing in the Uptown

_LUK0207All summer long Vilnius will be buzzing in action in the Uptown. Unique “LRT Opus” summer terrace is located in the urban backyard of art factory LOFTAS, this is where magic will happen from Monday to Friday until the end of the summer.

The terrace was first opened last year after the founders of LOFTAS Victor and Živilė Diawara’s went to visit Berlin and came back with an idea. The idea was to create a green area in the industrial Uptown of Vilnius.

After the first summer season the place reached a number of positive feedback from visitors and tourists, all of them saying that this place is unique in its own way and reminds a lot of the urban vibe of Berlin.


Monday – favorite weekday

This summer “LRT Opus” terrace wows spectators with events held from Monday to Friday. Every single weekday has its own event series. The start of the week will deliver the best of the best Lithuanian acts.

“Garbanotas Bosistas”, “Ministry of Echology”, “Golden Parazyth”, Markas Palubenka and many more are in the row to perform live on the terrace stage. These live shows proved that Monday could actually be the favorite weekday last year.

Tuesday – searching for young talents

Tuesdays will be dedicated to the young, unseen and rising Lithuanian artists. From the 2nd of June the venue starts a special “LRT Opus” newcomers competition where artists from all over Lithuania perform their best pieces and compete to become the best new band of the year.

Unlike the competitions widely broadcasted on TV, this young talent competition will promote artists that play all kinds of genres: from pop to alternative rock and even metal.


Wednesdays? Glass of wine and some jazz

In the middle of the week “LRT Opus” terrace transforms into the place for jazz lovers. Event series called “Jazzlong” gather improvisational jazz artists from Lithuania and abroad, offering the best place to enjoy intellectual music while sitting in the terrace with a refreshing glass of wine and urban vibe around.

Thursdays line up comes with a solid number of international artists

Surely weekly line up would not be full without international artists. Thursday will be the day for accurately showcased artists from all parts of the world. This season “LRT Opus” terrace invited indie-electro stars from Iceland “Vök”, futuristic Italian sound “JoyCut”, American chillwave star Slow Magic, the soulful techno and house producer Moodyman from Detroit and many more.


Summer summary

“LRT Opus” summer terrace is a place that unites people who are looking for novelty and inspiration. Its unique location is a perfect getaway for those who choose to spend their quality time in the city during the summer. No matter if you are looking for a place to lounge or party – there is a day in the week that you find something to be exactly your cup of tea.


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