Karlina Caune for Numéro Tokyo December 2013

The walk among us – oh yes they do! Top models can be seen everywhere – magazines, billboards, ad’s and even movies. But as funny it may seem, they’re like normal people who walk the streets, use public transport and even eat McDonald’s. Without fancy dresses, crazy make up and tall stilettos you may not recognize a model standing near you, but they walk among us. Signature look for the models are flat grungy boots, skinny jeans, black leather jacket and a big bag to carry that pair of stilettos. So keep your eyes open!
Photographer: Laurie Bartley
Model: Karlina Caune
Styling: Filipo Mendes
Hair: Romina Manenti
Make-Up: Ayami Nishimura
Nails: Kelly B.

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