Ieva Palionyte for Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2015

In essence, Ilincic said, she treated this season as a kind of retrospective, repeating—in the most emphatic possible way—all the key signatures of her brand. Foremost among those? Color. This was an eye-popping collection, to say the least, but it also demonstrated Ilincic’s interests in sculptural shapes and innovative textiles, like this season’s silk-nylon jacquard, which had a quilted effect but was actually super-lightweight. The dresses with a very cool hand-embroidered PVC thread, meanwhile, looked like they weighed a ton. Elsewhere, Ilincic extended the industrial theme to her print, which was based on a photo of melted plastic capsules. From a distance, it looked like confetti.
The other big themes of this collection were Ilincic’s Constructivist-esque color-blocking, effected through patchwork or bonding, and her sculptural folding and draping, which occasionally took on a Serra-ish monumentality.

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