Ieva Laguna & Katlin Aas for Bottega Veneta Resort 2015

Tomas Maier, creative director of Bottega Veneta, is a man of style. For his resort 2015 collection Maier chose two Baltic state top models for the lookbook – Estonian Katlin Aas and Latvian Ieva Laguna. As he describes describes the collection it feels simple and easy-to-wear without rejecting high craftsmanship. He started with the idea of bleach and how laundering a garment in the stuff can fade it in random ways. Extending that notion, he used a process called corrosion to remove color from pieces in graphic patterns—bleach stripes at the neckline of a crisp cotton shirt, a white floral motif on a lilac top. Other times, the actual substance of a material was changed, as in the case of a dévoré blouse and a jacquard flower-print lamé miniskirt. Maier’s trick was that nothing felt contrived. Industrially washed for a faded effect, his knit sweaters were utterly simple, yet completely divine. And that enviable sense of simplicity extended into his evening dresses. No ball gowns or bustiers here, of course. Maier’s long dresses are modeled after tank tops and T-shirts.

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