How Winds Become Designers

Wind and its energy can be used not only for generating electricity but also for creating design objects. Last Thursday in V2 CONCEPT STORE in Vilnius a collaboration between N WIND magazine, Anchovy fashion brand and the winds in the North. The idea behind the FROM WIND project is to convert winds into colours.

An app at translates real time data of wind direction and speed from meteorological stations in cities into colours. The website allows you to select multiple cities and see unexpected colour combinations of moving energy.

N WIND is about creative Northern energy, so with this collaboration they tried to emphasise the fellow feeling between the countries in the North region. The first creations FROM WIND – creative energy between the Northern capitals, reflected on large format silk scarves and prints. Vilnius–Reykjavik. Oslo–Copenhagen–Vilnius–Helsinki. Vilnius–Riga–Tallinn.

Anchovy employs a unique design process to create wearable objects. As part of it the clothing brand develops apps that allow to utilise ambient phenomena such as language or wind to influence the design of the products.

Silk scarves and prints are available at V2 CONCEPT STORE in Vilnius and online at

Photos by Linas Masiokas, Julija Goyd.
Model: Vaida Mary Jane






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