H&M launches Conscious Beauty Collection

The latest addition to H&M’s beauty collection is about to arrive in stores and online. A new Conscious beauty range of organic, more sustainably produced products for skin, hair and body will be launched in January 2016. The entire range is Ecocert approved with organic certification.

“We already offer conscious choices with our fashion collections so it is natural for us to have the same offering within our beauty collection. We always aim to develop our products to high and responsible standards in both materials and production. With the Conscious range we have taken this philosophy even further. We are very proud to now be able to offer organic beauty to our customers,” says Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M’s beauty department.


The range consists of around 30 body and hair care products: everything from lip balm to body washes and shampoo as well as hand cream, dry shampoo, aluminium-free roll-on deodorant and innovative products such as pre-shampoo hair oil. There are three types of face masks, five flavours of tinted lip balm (blueberry, vanilla, lemon, ginger and raspberry) and hand creams just right for desk side and handbag. The products are in contemporary packaging and recyclable materials. The plastic in the primary containers is made from recycled material.

The body care selection, which makes up the majority of Conscious beauty range, comes in two contemporary, aromatherapy-based fragrances which work for both men and women:
Vitalising – with ingredients such as mandarin, grape and lime to create a modern, uplifting scent.
Relaxing – with anti-stress ingredients and a modern take on lavender with vetiver and rosemary.


H&M and Ecocert

Ecocert is the internationally recognised independent body that sets the standards and agrees certification for organic and natural products. An Ecocert stamp means that the products meet the highest standards. For organic Ecocert certification, which the H&M conscious beauty range has, the products must have at least 95% of the total ingredients from natural origin (water included) and at least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

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