Frieze Art Fair is a public event, which happens once a year in London and once a year in New York. Each October, for four days in a row, two grand pavilions – Frieze London and Frieze Masters with a Sculpture park in between them welcome art public at Regent’s Park – this public begins with students, art lovers, journalists and ends with art elite – collectors, museum and gallery owners and members of Royal Family. This year, in 2014, Frieze London, a fair dealing purely with exquisite contemporary art, happened for a 12th time, being sponsored by Deutsche Bank for 11th time. Frieze Masters, a whole separate fair dedicated to art from ancient to postmodern, located on an opposite side of the Park from Frieze London, happened for a third time.
One hundred sixty-two world’s leading contemporary commercial galleries have been represented at Frieze London, including Gagosian Gallery, Lisson Gallery, White Cube, Pace, and Hauser & Wirth.

Frieze London is divided onto three parts – general participating galleries – such as Victoria Miro, Salon 94 and many other London and world leading galleries; Frieze Focus, a sector which included newly established galleries which specifically represent young and emerging artists , and Frieze Live – six galleries which are presenting interactive installations and performances.


Damien Hirst, Because I Can't Have You I Want You, 1993

Damien Hirst, Because I Can’t Have You I Want You, 1993

You really would get surprised to see how much can be seen during Frieze. Anything you could imaging being there – will be there. Neon writings with erotic context, sculptures with awkward significance, paintings and drawings carrying some abstract sense.

◀︎The artwork called Because I Can’t Have You I Want You by a Young British Artist Damien Hirst has been sold by White Cube Gallery just within a few first minutes after the opening of Frieze, for £4 million.

Initially, I wanted to talk less about money and to talk more about aesthetical pleasure of walking around Frieze, enjoying what probably is the most crucial art event of the year. To do that, I must mention Hauser & Wirth Gallery, which presented extremely touching, valuable yet somehow very much entertaining art works.

▶︎Arched Figure is a sculpture made by a French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. The piece is made out of mixed materials – female body in bronze, bed sheets in fabric and bedframe in metal. The sculpture is showing a naked, headless female body, with an arched back, almost in pain, however somehow very shameless, exposing the nakedness and desire to public.




Louise Bourgeois, Arched Figure, 1933


Pipilotti Rist, Geburtsort ist Zufall, 1994

 ▲Video installation Geburtsort ist Zufall (Birthplace is Random), represented by Hauser & Wirth, was really in the spotlight. The artwork, seen above, is an installation which consists out of two LCD monitors, a player, chemist’s shop display and lettering, and is displaying a top part of female face, with eyes slowly closing and opening. When the eyes are open, a spectator is experiencing a rather awkward confrontation with what could be thought of as devil’s eyes – sclera is poured with bloody red, bright blue pupils are almost beckoning. Pipilottii Rist, the author of Geburtsort ist Zufall, is a Swiss artist, who is widely known for her Super 8 films, which usually talk about issues of gender, sexuality and feminism.



▼One of the pioneers of Frieze Art Fair, Tracey Emin, this year was represented by Gagosian Gallery, Lehmann Maupin and White Cube. Three of her etchings could be seen at White Cube. Even though only three art works were presented at Frieze London, her exhibition is now shown at actual White Cube gallery in Bermondsey.


Tracey Emin


Whilst Frieze Art Fair is over, the exhibitions at commercial art galleries continue. Slowly flowing out of Frieze, art lovers can now be found at:

White Cube Bermondsey, to see Tracey Emin exhibition, “The Last Great Adventure is You”, which will run until November 15th;

Paul Stolper gallery, to see Damien Hirst, until Novermber 15th as well;

Gagosian Britannia St., to see American artist Richard Serra, until end of February 2015;

Marian Godman Gallery, to see Gerhard Richter’s exhibition, which can be seen until December 20th.



Text by Estere Kajema
Photo by Vika Anisko


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