After successful launch in Berlin at “Fier Showroom”, the “Relics” collection will be showcased during Womens’ fashion week in Paris, at “Void Showroom”, March 1 to 5, 2014. Fashion stills will be exhibited in Riga’s restaurant-slash-wine space ‘Tinto’, starting today – February 20.

Inspired by the 16/17th century Flemish paintings, her AW14/15 collection boldly merges a sacral feel, urban city mood and avant-garde roots. Its wearer – a self-confident independent woman, discreet and private like a nun, yet equipped with hi-tech urban gear. As an answer to the modern functional needs between the classic and the cutting-edge, some of the items are transformable. The combination of classical and innovative materials produces an asphalt-like rubbery-leathery feel.

The six fashion stills (3 looks from collection paired with still natures) and the collection lookbook is a collaboration with the talented artist Martins Cirulis. With the six photographs they not only extend the collection into a multimedial piece, but create an associative space that explores the idea of people being multidimensional, able to experience and coexist in both present and past.

In the visual imagery photographer was asked to work with the strict canons of 16/17th century paintings. Exploration of dualism and symbolic meanings is interesting exactly now, through the eyes of contemporaries – how do the meanings, usage of items, perception of modern man and any flexibility change. An icon of it’s time becomes a memorial, a relic of a cult.


Model: Evija Kreismane
Photography: Martins Cirulis

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