Dzeina Kruze for ICON Magazine June 2014

A modern lady was shot for latest issue of ICON magazine featuring Latvian model Dzeina Kruze. Elegance has taken a new turn in evolvement – perfect hair and make up is a thing of a past. Messy and wet hair, smudged make up seen on the runway set’s foot on the streets. While looking a bit ridiculous, pushing the trend forward, fashionistas manage to mix classics with sports, erasing the walls between runway and street. Designers respond to changes fast, showing off couture with sneakers seen at Dior and Chanel, high heels with gaiters seen at Prada, rubber boots with sequence eveningwear seen at Miu Miu and Westwood. Fur with shorts, bustiers underneath a coat, unmatching it-bad and a load of attitude to make a look look right. A revolution.

Photo: Ivanho Harlim
Style: Marie Liang

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