Auguste Abeliunaite for Harper’s Bazaar China March 2015

People argue if fashion photography is art. And what is art at all at our modern ages, when Instagram pics get sold for whopping 50 thousand. As far as we know, everything that get’s shot and printed these days could end up in a gallery in a couple of years after. Disturbing beauty in “Soft Sparkler” shot by Yu Cong for Harper’s Bazaar is no exception for sure. Lithuanian top model Auguste yet again got totally transformed to an otherworldly creature. Looking mad and unwelcoming, she’s posing strong in various designer outfits styled by Adele Cany. Would you hang one of these on your wall?

Photographer: Yu Cong
Styling: Adele Cany
Hair: Roberto Di Cuia
Makeup: Courtney Perkins

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