Anastasija Kondratjeva for Vogue UK August 2012

Summer is the season of the nightlife. Starting from Friday beautiful people get their best clothes on and off to the dancefloors. Most designers are thinking of everyday and classy eveningwear, but what to choose from all of this huge amount of clothes and accessories for the party night? Stylist Charlotte Pilcher  came up with a genius idea for all of you party animals to show the IT styles for the weekend evening. Too bad you can’t see the model faces, but those “legs for miles” are surely every girls dream.  PS. How do you think – which ones are Anastasia’s legs? 😀

Photographer: Thomas Lagrange
Models: Anastasija Kondratjeva, Anna Millonig, Anastasija Titko & Alex Wurfel
Stylist: Charlotte Pilcher
Make-Up: Lauren Parsons
Nails: Zarra Celik
Set-Design: Hana Al-Sayed

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