Agne Petkute for GREY Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 issue

Did you ever had a blackout? Let us explain, you plan a night out, you dress chic, you wear a beautiful perfume and evening make up, you are stunning! You meet your friends, you drink champagne, you laugh and dance, you are drunk! While being in such a situation you make many crazy things and in the morning you don’t remember – anything! So now you should recognize the situation. Lithuanian uprising model Agne Petkute had a great opportunity to show all of you how does your night out looks like – wondered why are your freshly bought clothes are dirty? Why there are pictures of you with random people at random places? Why you felt good and now you don’t remember anything? Here’s the answer! An “Ordinary Accidents” photosession for Spring/Summer issue of Grey magazine. So many things are finally revealed about “those” crazy nights for sure!

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